Helios Touch Lights


The Helios Touch is a modular, touch-sensitive wall light that empowers your creativity and vision. Electromagnets are integrated onto each side of every individual tile. Furthermore, versatility is the backbone of the Helios Touch, hence each tile can be pulled apart and spliced together in countless ways. This allows you to customize your space, while having fun doing it!

How It Works

The Helios Touch can be easily integrated into any setting, while attaining its distinctive and minimal look. Find a desired location and connect each tile together using the magnetic edges provided.

Touch Sensitive

Trace or touch the tiles with your hands to activate the responsive proximity/touch sensors, which turn the tiles on and off. 

Adjustable brightness

Need a little more or less light? You got it. Simply, turn the tiles on or off with the touch of your hand to acquire your desired brightness level.


Built and engineered for efficiency. Use them without feeling guilty!

Effortless Mounting

Worried about nails? Don’t sweat it! The Helios Touch comes with reusable wall mounting sticker pads that attach to the back of each tile, which means you don’t have to use nails. However, nail mounts are still integrated into each tile if you prefer nails instead.

What you get in the box:

- Tiles

- Wall mounting sticker pads

- Power supply (please select the correct type of plug from the list!)

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