Pet Vacuum Brush


This amazing vacuum brush is designed to effortlessly keep your life free of pet hair, with no effort and no time!

The brush's bristles don't scratch the skin, and there's one simple smart trick. Fix it on your vacuum cleaner and with the gentlest touch on your pet, it will suck all dirt and loose hair like a magnet!

With smart bristles positioning in this brush, you'll forget all about mats.
You don't have to use a hand to clean it. One click, all gone!

Suitable for medium- or long-haired dog and other animals.
Remove loose hair directly from your dog before it sheds around the home.
Vacuum pet groomer is suitable for medium- or long-haired pets.

This is an O.E.M. authorized part
Fits various Dyson models , DC36、DC35、DC37、DC45、D47、D49、DC52、DC58、DC59、DC62、DC63、V6 , for other models, please add the adaptor.

Suitable for medium or long haired dogs
Slicker bristles positioned at 35°
Pet brush cleaner to use, completely solve the household pet hair caused by cleaning problems and allergic infections, pay more attention to user experience.

Size: 170 * 80mm

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