Flowing Motorcycle Indicators


2019 is here - it's time to stand out from the crowd with these modern flow-style indicators. They are bright, durable, and most importantly - they look damn cool... So what are you waiting for? Join thousands of happy customers today!


12x 12V Premium-Grade LEDs in each unit, suitable for almost all motorcycles including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, BMW and more! 


Simply screw out the old turn signals and disconnect the wiring. Then plug in the new turn signals by matching up the wires. Finish by screwing back in. Too easy!


Made to last for years to come with premium materials and a flexible knock-resistant design. Certified IP65 waterproof so suitable for all weather.


Dimensions: 111mm x 23mm x 20mm, length of cable: 22cm

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