Sequential Motorcycle Turn Signal Kit

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It's finally time to throw out those regular old turn signals... there's a new kid on the block!

Riding a motorcycle is one of life's greatest pleasures. There's simply no better feeling than the wind brushing past you as you cruise down your favourite road.

But with motorcycle ownership comes the desire to make your bike truly yours!

That's why we designed the Sequential Motorcycle Turn Signal Kit. We were sick of watching people go past with their dreary traditional lights, blinking on and off to signal left or right.

Our kit is a universal replacement for standard motorcycle turn signals, featuring a futuristic sweeping effect that mimics the indicators found in new cars, such as Audi, VW and BMW.

Along with this, the turn signals drastically increase visibility with ultra-bright Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and strobe-effect brake lights.


12x 12V Premium-Grade LEDs in each unit, suitable for almost all motorcycles including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, BMW and more! 


Simply screw out the old turn signals and disconnect the wiring. Then plug in the new turn signals by matching up the wires. Finish by screwing back in. Too easy!


Made to last for years to come with premium materials and a flexible knock-resistant design. Certified IP65 waterproof so suitable for all weather.

With our Audi-inspired motorcycle indicators you never have to feel worried that someone may miss your signal. They stand out, they look great and they make your riding that much safer for it!

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The front has a white running light, the back can be used as a running light or brake light. As a brake light it has a back-off flash then solid on. Turn signal overrides running/ brake light and is sweeping. The lights have an internal flasher. So you can run straight 12v to the turn signal wire and it'll continually flash the turn signal. No need to wire in a flasher.

Tom P.

These are so awesome, look really great!

Emilie J.

So, i installed these on a 2012 klx250s. Each unit has 3 wires, two of the 4 lights have one white wire - that's for the front . hook the white up to 12v and you have front running white lights. not killer bright, but still very nice. when you hit the turn signal, the white running light is overcome by the sweeping (inboard to outboard) turn signal. Turn off the turn signal, and the white running light comes back. The other two units have a red wire -those are for the rear - tap the red wire into the blue wire on the traillight, and you'll have flashing (3x then constant) brake lights. Nice and bright! No running lights for the rear. turn signals sweep here too. when you hit the turn signal, it sweeps, then, while the turn signal is flashing, if you brake, the brake light on the NON-turning side comes on, but the turning signal still indicates a turn. This is exactly how it should be! Overall great product. Just ordered another for my wife's KLX140.

Toni B.

These lights give you a great effect and road presence at a low price. You get day time running light and great turn signals in one. Gadget Locker are helpful and responsive. A recommended buy for sure.

Dominique D.

Surprisingly fast shipping!

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