Madbike Motorcycle Gloves

Save 50%

Calling all Bikers who like quality, safety, comfort, and style! These High-Quality MADBIKE™ Gloves are your answered prayer.

✔ Made of premium PU leather to give the palms traction, for that non-slip grip
✔ Nubs are made out of high-quality steel alloy
✔ Fixed with a side-shell for additional protection and safety
✔ Each finger joint has molded plastic for added protection
✔ Waterproof fabric
✔ High-quality cotton inner linings and flannel fabric keep your hands warm and comfortable

These gloves are everything you could ever hope for and more! Don’t give yourself less than what you deserve. Stay protected and fashionable with these MADBIKE™ gloves today!

As these Bikers gloves wrap around your hand in layers of comfort- feel safe, happy and get applauded everywhere –whether going to work or pleasure, or both! Being made of the best quality waterproof fabric- PU Leather – your the palms remain non-slip and you never feel unsafe. Each finger joint is ringed by whole range of protection as it is interjected with a side-shell including molded plastic parts for enhanced protection and safety. 

So that, when you wear these, you ride high on safety, comfort and even style!


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